Dear Investors, !!Greetings!!

It’s been a different world around us. Things which used to follow or customs which have been following are changing in the last two months.

Shaking hands & embracing each other was our custom to greet but now it has been stopped.

Unity was the strength now being alone feels safe & strong.

Accepting the New-Normal act by society is a bit difficult but still for survival & safety one has to follow this.

Meanwhile one thing that is significantly noticeable about the equity market is that there is no change in behavior of its act.

Equity Market is the same like it was earlier

Same volatility
Same Rise & Fall
Same Greed & Fear
Same Opportunities & Regrets

For the Market it’s like nothing has changed. It behaves as usual. It goes up, it comes down.

When it goes up it looks very glorious and booming, when it comes down one starts thinking about every bad aspect of Economy.

Being a long term investor one should not ponder so much. Current volatility may remain for some months and it will be difficult for traders to make money out of the market.

There are some difficulties, problems and so there are opportunities and hopes.

Every problem sooner or later gets the solution. In this anxiety and time of agitation one should approach the current situation like a sanguine.

Economy has got a big hit because of Covid-19. Sometimes it feels that time ahead is not good. Other hand an optimistic person finds opportunities in difficult times.

It is strongly believed that Indian economy will overcome all obstacles and it will surely paddle up the GDP growth very soon and will touch new heights of success in GDP Growth and as a world leader.

It’s up to us how we see things in this difficult time……….

For some Glass is Half Empty, For Some Glass is Half Full.

With Best Wishes

Amit Bhati

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