Glass is Half FULL or Half Empty……………????

  Dear Investors, !!Greetings!! It’s been a different world around us. Things which used to follow or customs which have been following are changing in the last two months. Shaking hands & embracing each other was our custom to greet but now it has been stopped. Unity was the strength now being alone feels safe […]

This Shall too pass…………..

  Dear Investors, In the current scenario First & Foremost thing is to SAVE YOURSELF. Once You have done this YOU can think to SAVE FOR YOURSELF as equity markets are providing such a tremendous opportunity to buy good companies at very discounted rates. The only panic which comes into mind is how long it […]

Vaccine will come, Opportunity will NOT

Disclaimer:- I may be wrong in assessing the effect of coronavirus,but sharing with you what I read & research. Dear Investors, I wish you & everyone who belongs to you is safe and healthy. Latest data indicate that contagion of COVID has spread rapidly in our country and across the world. In earlier newsletter sent […]