Investment learning from Ravana on Dussehra - By Fundspru

1) Power of Money doesn’t work, if decision is taken wrong

Ravana has plenty of power, but could not be helped to win the war against “Ram”

Lesson:- In Investment at any point of time if a wrong investment decision is taken, it can not be corrected by putting more capital to the same investment, like “ Good Capital Chasing to bad Capital”. So one should cut losses & take corrective measures rather than waiting for fortune to turn in favour.

2) Do not rely on one side of advise, listen & analise other side too

Ravana was inclined to listen to Meghnath & his army commanders to justify his decision of Sita's kidnapping, but on the other side his wife “ Mandodari & Brother “ Vibhishan” opposed and protested Sita’s kidnapping.

Lesson:- It’s pertinent to discuss a proposed investment decision with one-two financial advisors/consultants to cross check & verify pros and cons of any investment plan or option. One should have a vetted examination of investment proposals offered either by a Bank executive, an Insurance Salesperson or any investment advisor rather than only have blunt views on returns offered by products.

3) Knowledge is the key to success, but has to be implemented in the right way.

Ravana has plenty of knowledge of vedas & shastraths but his knowledge was used for unkindness of humanity

Lesson:- An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Market is flooded with an ocean level of knowledge & information. But Money management requires a specific level of knowledge & skills. So Attempt to learn the right & specific level of knowledge which leads successful investing.

4) Do not be an egoistic on investment decision

Ravana fought the war to justify egoistic decision of kidnapping Sita

Lesson:- Being a human one bound to make some irrational decisions in life, let ego should never rule emotions & rational thinking , if mistake is identified & realised, corrective measures ought to be initiated rather than being on wait & watch mood as far as investment is concerned.

5) Ignorance of good advice

Ravana never respected genuine advice and refused it till died. He ignored advice from lord Hanuman & Angad just before war began.

Lesson:- Tumble in the financial market makes investors nervous that leads to thinking emotionally and propels bad execution of investment strategy. So it is always better to have a hand holder in the investment process.

6) Overconfidence

Over Confidence on the Power given by God Shiva & God Brahma to Ravana.

Lesson:- Investing in single assets with overconfidence to beat inflation or generate better return compared to others assets class is not the only way to generate wealth in the longer term.

7) Visualization of impact of a decision

Ravana had 10 heads but couldn't visualise that kidnapping "Sita" will destroy "the empire of Lanka"

Lesson:-There are some financial decisions like taking too much loans, too much credit to a single party, huge investment in single share etc. Effects of such a decision if not visualised properly, may be a major set back of someone's life

8) Consequences & considerations of Family

Ravana sacrificed his entire family & empire of Lanka to show his supremacy

Lesson:-Living in a social surrounded life, a working man is bound by financial, personal & social responsibilities. one must make sure that consequences of today's action should not lead to harm to the family in future. And effectively Plan family finances for unfortunate times or events .

9) Bad actions lead to Bad Result

One Bad action taken by Ravan continuously brings bad results to him

Lesson:-Bad actions like having high interest mortgages,rolling of credit card dues always lead to a heavy outflow of money. These actions restrict money to be with a person and leads to a negative compound of wealth.

10) Bound with respect & ethics

Ravana never intended to harm "Sita",and followed respect & ethics for her

Lesson:-Wealth creation journey too demands well respected investment process & assets allocation. One shouldn't explore shortcuts to become rich quickly. Investors ought to follow basic investment ethics and let money have considerable time to grow.